goddess necklace

Jewel of The Month - Goddess Totem Necklace

I'm a bit of a donut when it comes to keeping track of time! I think it must be something about working from home and never knowing what day of the week it is.....it's resulted in me not even knowing what month it is! Ha! My Jewel Of The Month blog was originally intended as a  monthly thing but, well, that ain't happened! So let's just say it's something I do SOME months! It's boring to be predictable, eh?!

The main inspiration behind my Totem necklaces was the symbolic way in which jewellery used to be worn. I wanted to design a collection of talismans to aid people in calling in certain states of mind or emotions. I, personally, wear certain pieces of jewellery as symbols to remind me of where I'd like to be mentally and emotionally. These jewels, when my gaze falls on them, serve as prompts to shift my mental focus over to the feeling I'm wishing to manifest in my conscious mind. 

My jewel for October is my Goddess Totem necklace. It's in a rich, luxurious combination of glowing tanzanite and magical star ruby. I designed this necklace with the intention of whipping up inside the wearer a sensation of sensual Goddessness! You put this one-of-a-kind necklace on and step confidently into your divine feminine incarnation. There's something so sexy about these colours together and the gold enhances the richness of the colours. I love the symbolism of both stones and thought they would work beautifully together in ushering in a Goddess mindset. Ruby is a stone that symbolises passion and tanzanite symbolises heightened spiritual growth. A true Goddess attitude combines both passion and a spiritual awakeness, a beautiful balance of lower and higher chakras.

Is there any feeling or attitude you'd love to be reminded to embody in your life? We can all tap into so many different sides of ourselves at will, but it helps to have a reminder. Jewellery is the prettiest way of guiding us to make these shifts in our attitude. If you imbue a talisman with a particular meaning, it will always create a shift inside when you put it on, even if only a subtle, subconscious one. I love making bespoke pieces for people so get in touch if you would like your own unique Totem necklace designed to help you call in a particular attitude or perception shift. I'd love to work with you and design a necklace to fit your desires using the perfect gemstones for your tastes.