emma kunz

Emma Kunz - Geometric Spirituality at The Serpentine Galleries

My eyes were filled with so much joy visiting the Emma Kunz exhibition at the Serpentine Galleries yesterday. I wondered in through the lush Kensington Gardens in the sunshine and this beautifully curated exhibition was such a perfect springtime destination. The combination of the colours, satisfying geometric patterns and the spiritualism behind the creation of these beauties totally bewitched me.


The Swiss artist was also a healer and naturopath and she created her art using a divining pendulum, which she would ask questions. The pattern of the pendulums movements would result in these magnificent “energy field” images, within which she discovered her answer. Emma refused to name her work or record the meanings behind them and that really added to my experience as I prefer to have my own experience of a work of art rather than be told how it should be making me feel. Funnily enough, what I felt more than anything was healed. I felt such a lightness inside me looking at this work. The symbols worked on my consciousness like mandalas or sigils. I also felt very inspired to take up a new creative practice. Maybe get back into drawing again. But definitely something that involves colour. Kunz’s art made me think of how I’d love to have a go at some kind of fabric design again, so I wasn’t at all surprised to read later that she came from a family of weavers. I feel giddy just imagining one of these pieces being woven!! Swoon!

Wall of the week at the  Serpentine Galleries

Wall of the week at the Serpentine Galleries

This symbolic art had a real nostalgic effect on me too. It had me reminiscing on my two favourite subjects at school, art and maths (GCSE maths! I don’t want to give a false impression of my genius!!). I love the contrast of the precision of perfect lines and the innocence of the coloured-pencil shading. It all took me back to a youth spent drawing. The fact that all of it was drawn on graph paper was the cherry on the top for me. I have a lifelong love of graph paper. Does anyone else share this love?? Can anyone explain it? I’m sure graph paper was the main reason I enjoyed maths at secondary school!


So, if you find yourself with some free time this weekend, I can’t recommend this exhibition highly enough. I love the setting of the Serpentine Galleries, it’s such a pleasure to get to and such a pleasant, intimate space to be in. And, best of all, it’s free!! Emma Kunz exhibition ends this Sunday, 19th May. Do your eyes a favour!