Gem Shopping in Jaipur - What Would You Like?

This Wednesday 14th February I'm on my way to my beloved India for a month of much chai, much meditation and much being-in-the-momentness. I feel a strong need to get reconnected to the natural flow of life. This helps me to tune in to my inner guide, reboot my spiritual sat-nav! 

I will be closing up my online shop from Tuesday. But I will be working whilst I'm away. Part of taking this time out is to give myself the space, in my head and my schedule, to design some new pieces for you. I'll be doing some deep communing with my muse and seeing what beauties she delivers up into my noggin! I will be working a lot more with juicy juicy gemstones this year. The dizzying visual splendour of the places I will be in India will, no doubt, have a massive influence on me. Varanasi, Pushkar and Jaipur are such colourful delights that I reckon I'll be back with an array of brightly coloured stones. I also want to work on more deeply symbolic pieces as I get so much out of making them. I will be making more of my Totem necklaces (above) in a range of stones and also introducing some earrings once I'm back. Oh, and there'll definitely be some more 18ct gold pieces, I've fallen HARD for it's beauty. There's no going back!

I'd love to hear what stones you would like to see my Totem collection in. I love making these symbolic necklaces bespoke for customers, in their choice of gemstones so do get in touch if there's anything you'd like me to pick for you when I'm stone shopping in Jaipur. I'll be there the second week in March. And if you have any thoughts of pieces you'd like to see made with gemstones, let me know. I'd love your input in my collection design. 

What gems would you love this ring made in?

What gems would you love this ring made in?

I'd love to know, what gemstones really speak to you? What do you love about them? Leave your comments below, I'd really love to hear. They could be a real source of inspiration for me.