April Jewel Of The Month

Welcome to my first Jewel of the Month blog post! Every month I'm going to go "behind the scenes" of one of the pieces in my collection and share the inspiration behind it and go more in depth into the meaning of some of my symbolic jewels. Every now and then, subscribers to my newsletter will get a flash discount on one of these monthly picks. It won't be every month and is only open to subscribers so make sure to check every newsletter for the goodies. Sign up with the form below if you're not already subscribed.

My Jewel of the Month for April is my Earth necklace. It was Earth day last Saturday so I thought it fitting to start with this piece.

I designed this necklace out of a desire to create an amulet for grounding, wholeness and balance. Inspiration came in the form of the triangle - a wonderfully rich symbol with so many meanings. Alchemically, with the tip pointing down, it symbolises Earth. 

Alchemical symbol for Earth

Alchemical symbol for Earth

The earth is the most powerful embodiment of the maternal. It is the source of all life, a womb for all beings. A multitude of plants and trees grow in it's soil and are nourished and kept alive by it. This is a maternal nurturing that we all crave at times and something we must take care to provide for ourselves. 

The triangle is also a popular symbol for a trinity. With three sides of equal length, it represents three aspects that we seek to balance within our lives or our selves. The Christian trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit is the most commonly known one but even this holy triad actually alludes to three things we all seek to hold in balance - mind, body and soul. One of the main drives behind the creation of my jewellery is to guide women towards their divine feminine and sense of empowerment and so the most apt trinity for this necklace is the Triple Goddess. This refers to the the three female figures who represent the three stages of womanhood - the maiden, the mother and the crone. The essence of all three stages are within us throughout our whole life. To hold all three equally within us brings a sense of wholeness and this wholeness leads us to the "grounding" associated with earth symbolism. (The notion of "mother" being a stage may seem quite old-fashioned in an age where so many of us are choosing not to have children, but these are symbolic figures referring to qualities we hold within us. There is so so much to say about this trinity so I highly recommend doing some more reading on it if it sparks something in you.)

Wear this necklace as a reminder to "earth" yourself, find your own sense of balance and to mother yourself as well as you would another. The beauty of symbols is that they hold whatever meaning you yourself attribute to them. What does the earth symbolise to you? I'd really love to hear. Tell me in the comments below.

With love,