Divine and Ecological Candles - My Favourite Discovery

I love to surround myself with beautiful smells and so felt like the luckiest gal in town to be placed next to The Perfume Workshop both times I had a a stall at Duck Pond Market in Highgate.

As well as the most exquisite organic essential oil perfumes, the lovely Rebecca creates my favourite find this year - Soy Wax Candles. They come in a variety of gorgeous smells (all so lovely that it's very difficult to choose just one) and are 100% natural. But the best thing about these candles, is that you can use the melted "wax" as a moisturiser. The soya is a lot like coconut oil in that it solidifies below a certain temperature and is just as lovely on the skin (actually with less oily residue than coconut oil). 

The last day for Christmas posting is the 18th December, so, if you have still got some gifts to buy, I can't imagine there are many people who wouldn't love these candles.