The empowering magic of a yoga class

I've just got back from my first yoga class in months and my brain, as well as my body, is buzzing with possibility.

Due to wrist issues, I haven't been to a class in ages. I practise at home but it's just not the same. I'll get on my mat in the morning, make a few of my favourite shapes for 10 minutes before I give in to the Lure of the Laptop. But, in a class, I totally give myself over to an hour or so of practise. I'd forgotten how precious this is.

I've been so busy with various projects that I can't remember when I last took a small chunk out of my day to give my mind, body and soul some good loving. It's so important. I'm lucky enough to love my work (very, very lucky) but it's vital to make some space in time just for me. I see a yoga class as time to get together with myself and see how I'm doing.

Yoga is the most powerfully and sustainably transcendental thing I've ever experienced. The attitude shifts you experience on the mat ripple out into all areas of your life. If you approach it in an open, humble way, it will give you so much more than just a sexy, toned bum. In todays class I learned so many life lessons all from one posture. I surrendered my ego when I accepted that I needed support in a posture the rest of the class managed easily. I challenged my limiting beliefs  as to how deep I could go in this pose. And I breathed slow and deep through the discomfort, breathed myself patiently through the rough patch and softly into a slightly deeper posture. In this, I learned that progress doesn't always come in dramatic shifts but often slowly, gradually.

But, the most important lesson yoga has taught me in life is to trust in my own experience of it. To be aware of the people around me without comparing myself to them. To feel when to push myself and when to rest, regardless of what everyone around me is doing. It's beautifully empowering.

The cherry on top is that I've returned to my jewellery bench focused and energised and challenging my perceived limitations. I've got more done this afternoon than I have in ages and all because I allowed myself to take time off to slow right down.